The early works and successes of henry ford

Want to make the Model T of your generation? By Robert Greene 6 minute Read One day inthe twenty-three-year old Henry Ford got his first look at the gas-powered engine, and it was instant love. Ford had apprenticed as a machinist and had worked on every conceivable device, but nothing could compare to his fascination with this new type of engine, one that created its own power.

The early works and successes of henry ford

Henry Ford Quotes After founding the Ford Motor Company, the American industrialist Henry Ford developed a system of mass production based on the assembly line and the conveyor belt which produced a low-priced car within reach of middle-class Americans.

The oldest of six children, Henry Ford was born on July 30,on a prosperous farm near Dearborn, Mich. He attended school until the age of 15, meanwhile developing a dislike of farm life and a fascination for machinery.

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In Ford left for Detroit. He became an apprentice in a machine shop and then moved to the Detroit Drydock Company. He later worked for Westinghouse, locating and repairing road engines.

His father wanted Henry to be a farmer and offered him 40 acres of timberland, provided he give up machinery. Henry accepted the proposition, then built a first-class machinist's workshop on the property.

His father was disappointed, but Henry did use the 2 years on the farm to win a bride, Clara Bryant. By he had left the farm permanently.

Four years later he became chief engineer; he met Thomas A. Edison, who eventually became one of his closest friends. Ford devoted his spare time to building an automobile with an internal combustion engine. His first car, finished infollowed the attempts, some successful, of many other innovators.

His was a small car driven by a two-cylinder, four-cycle motor and by far the lightest pounds of the early American vehicles. The car was mounted on bicycle wheels and had no reverse gear. In the Detroit Edison Company forced Ford to choose between automobiles and his job.

The early works and successes of henry ford

Ford chose cars and that year formed the Detroit Automobile Company, which collapsed after he disagreed with his financial backers. His next venture was the unsuccessful Henry Ford Automobile Company.

Ford did gain some status through the building of racing cars, which culminated in the "," driven by the famous Barney Oldfield.

Ford Motor Company By this time Ford had conceived the idea of a low-priced car for the masses, but this notion flew in the face of popular thought, which considered cars as only for the rich.

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Henry Ford Early College Located on the campus of Henry Ford Community College, this small high school is a collaboration between the Dearborn Public Schools, Henry Ford Community College (HFCC), and the Henry Ford Health System.

Henry Ford II becomes president of Ford Motor Company. The son of Edsel and the grandson of Henry Ford, Henry Ford II, served as president from to and as chairman and CEO from to When Henry II took over, the company and its bookkeeping practices were in disarray.

Early life

Early life. Henry Ford was born July 30, , on a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan. For many Germans, Ford embodied the essence of successful Americanism. In My Life and Work, Ford predicted that if greed, racism, and short-sightedness could be overcome. Henry Ford Biography Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motors Company, had brought a revolution in the automobile industry.

This biography of Henry Ford provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline. Accomplishments · Henry Ford was one of several people who helped the US become a country of motorists. · His inexpensive Model T was the first car that everyone could buy.

“I will build a car for the great multitude.” · When Henry Ford introduced the assembly line, it could make a Model T in 24 seconds. · He introduced the V8 engine.

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