Motorcycle helmets pros cons essay

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Motorcycle helmets pros cons essay

Although, they are designed to protect them, many bikers believe that helmet laws violate their freedom. I think that the pros of wearing a helmet outweigh the cons. Also, wearing a helmet allows me to see further, and take basic maneuvers in order to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

But, most of the bikers that I know choose to ride without a helmet. Should they be denied their right to ride without a helmet, and risk their safety?

Should they have to wear a helmet at all times? Or should the ability to ride without a helmet be reserved for older, more experienced riders? Each state has a separate statute regarding the use of a helmet.

Furthermore, most states have laws that discriminate younger riders from riding without a helmet. Of the fifty states, only Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire are one hundred percent helmet law free. Out of the other forty-six states, twenty-one have full helmet laws for all riders.

Florida is included in those twenty-one states.

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Twenty states have helmet laws that exempt adult riders, riders that are eighteen years of age or older. Lastly, there are five states that discriminate against bikers between the age of eighteen and twenty-one motorcycle laws.

Most states also have laws regarding eye protection, daytime use of a headlight, mirrors, blinkers, and passenger restrictions. The matter of insurance has also become a hot topic for debate.

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Some bikers believe that this is a poor attempt to compromise the helmet laws. As it stands, the motorcycle laws for Florida do not permit anybody to ride without a safety helmet.

Only if the rider is twenty-one years of age or older with a minimum of ten thousand dollars in medical insurance may they ride without a helmet. Eye protection is required by law. As is the daytime use of headlight, left and right mirrors, and blinkers.

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Also, if carrying a passenger a motorcycle is required to have a passenger seat, footrests, and handles. Finally, the use of headphones is prohibited.

One of these groups is the Helmet Law Defense League. Such groups try to help bikers understand all the legal aspects of each helmet law, and try to help us successfully attack these laws in court.

But, by not composing a list of acceptable helmets, the law cannot be complied with certainty, and therefore opens up the vagueness challenge of the law. Many of these bikers claim that wearing a helmet impairs their peripheral vision and their ability to hear traffic around them. Fifty riders of various ages and experience took part in the study.

These riders drove their own bikes along a five-mile test route.State officials and safety groups should encourage more bikers to wear helmets. But in the end, it's a personal decision.

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If adults choose to place themselves in danger, well, it's their funeral. As an avid motorcycle enthusiast one of my major concerns is that many riders make the personal decision to not wearing proper equipment.

Motorcycle helmets pros cons essay

While riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable pastime and for many a primary source of transportation, it is my belief that it is imperative there is not option when it comes to wearing a helmet. Some of the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet include the reduced risk of head injury by 69 percent and the reduced risk of death by 42 percent, while one of the drawbacks is a reduced field of vision.

However, the size of the reduced field of vision depends on the type of helmet being used. It is usually worn because there is a law of wearing a helmet on the road; and this type of helmet meets minimal safety standards and of course it is the cheapest one.

Motorcycle helmets pros cons essay

Also it provides minimum of protection, such helmets only cover the top of your head. Please note Articles about things considered unusual may be accepted in Wikipedia if they otherwise fulfill the criteria for page is not an article, and the only criterion for inclusion is consensus that an article fits on this page.

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